Our team

The IIBA Geneva board includes the following members (click on the name to access the LinkedIn profile):   



President and professional developement manager: Claude Duc (CBAP)

Claude is responsible for establishing the strategic direction of the Chapter and is ensuring that the board contributes collectively to the achievement of this strategy and to the sustainability of the Chapter. Claude is also in charge of the organization of the Study Groups,in which members gain expertise on the BABOK and share their experiences as business analysts.
president@geneva.iiba.org, education@geneva.iiba.org

General secretary : Fatima Ghobrini

Fatima is in charge of assisting the president in her tasks.

Membres : Anastasia Floru

Anastasia represents the members as she reports their expectations to the board. It welcomes new members, maintains the list of members and informs affiliates continuously.

Treasurer: Oliver Wagner (CBAP, CSP, OCEB2)

Oliver keep the exact and complete accounts of all the expenses and revenues of the Chapter. He regularly communicates to the board the financial position of the Chapter. By signing, he financially commits the Chapter.

Communication: Mihnea Niculescu (CCBA, CAS BA) 

Mihnea is in charge of the communication. He is also the guarantor of all the technologies used in the association, notably the operation of our websites. 

Partenaires : Nicolas Medves

Nicolas is in charge of developing partnerships.


We welcome all volunteers who would like to join our committee in the following ways:

  • Organize a workshop
  • Organize an event
  • Participate actively in the Study Group (calls especially to certified)
  • Any other idea is also welcome

As a volunteer, in exchange for your commitment, IIBA Geneva offers support through mentoring program
If you are IIBA® CBPA or IIBA® CCBA, certified, participation as a volunteer allows you to earn CDU points hat are needed to extend the duration of your certification (more details onthis page).

Contact: info@geneva.iiba.org