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The HEG offers a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Business Analysis. Responding to professional changes has always been the priority of this high school. The training is aimed at a large population in which all the people, directly or indirectly, are linked to the functional analysis of the needs of a company. This includes people from the quality professions, IT, project managers, or organizational consultants. Business analysis is a profession in itself and allows one to have a larger view of needs and requirements. The SMP (Swiss Project Management Society) and IIBA Geneva are united to offer better service to their members and better information to the various stakeholders. We organize, in collaboration, events throughout the year; we share our skills and experience in order to benefit all our different providers, as well as to show and spread the complementarity of the BA and PM disciplines throughout the organizations.

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Partenaires associatifs 



Founded in 1993, the SMP is an independent non-profit association whose activity is centered on project management. It is aimed at all those who are interested in the world of the project. It has several hundred members, both companies and private individuals, all professionals in project management, active in the world of industry, economy, services, administration, universities and public and private training institutes. SMP is, in the French-speaking Switzerland, the main professional exchange platform for project management. It is resolutely open to the various references and methods that contribute to the development of the professions related to project management.


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For more than 26 years, the ASO (Swiss Association of Organization and Management) has been committed to training and certifications as well as networking through the transmission of knowledge and experience between its members and practitioners.


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ADI, Association of Graduates ISEIG, aims to enhance the professions related to the management of information systems. Its priority is to encourage meetings between members within the framework of the "Corners de table" to intensify the sharing of experiences. The "Corners de table" are conferences focusing mainly on the following subjects: IT governance, project management, service management, IT security.



The Swiss Consulting Association (SCA) is a Geneva-based association whose main objective is to develop a network of consultants: Project managers, Business Analysts, Business Experts ... SCA is registered as IIBA EEP (Endorsed Education Provider) and offers courses to promote these different occupations. They encourage their members to obtain certifications recognized by the market (CBAP, CCBA, PMP, Prince2, ...). The Association also organizes exchange meetings with a twofold objective. On the one hand, keeping its members up to date on trends, market innovations and professional environments; on the other hand, to meet other people practicing the same profession by promoting exchanges and opportunities.