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IIBA Geneva membership


Annual membership for the IIBA Geneva chapter, valid for one year and at the latest until your renewal with IIBA.
For the annual subscription form or for a renewal request, click on the button below and access the shopping cart basket to make your payment using a credit card (through the Paypal site, with the possibility of pay without having a Paypal account) *. This requires registration and identification on the site. Create your profile if necessary and log in to be able to purchase the online membership.

* If you cannot pay with a credit card, you can make a transfer to our postal account (see below for details) and inform us by email of your application of membership by clicking on the following link.

IBAN: CH 63 0900 0000 1072 6015 7
IIBA Geneva Chapter
c/o Oliver Wagner
Talstrasse 11
8853 Altendorf


35.00 CHF