IIBA® Geneva member’s benefits

IIBA® Geneva membership benefits 

  • Join our local Business Analyst community
  • Learn and discuss topics of Business Analysis during the many events organized by the chapter in Geneva and Lausanne 
  • Network with peers and professionals from all backgrounds
  • Take advantage of preferential rates for all events organized by IIBA® Geneva, for example:
  • Register and participate in our study groups to learn, train and certify
  • Dedicated spaces on our website with access to past workshops presentations
  • Take advantage of preferential rates to participate in certain events of our partner associations
  • Enjoy the benefits of joining IIBA® International

Membership requirements

  • Being up-to-date with IIBA® International membeship (IIBA® Geneva membership is additional to the IIBA® International membership) 
    • 125 $ for the first year, 110 $ for the following years 
    • to become a member please visit this page 
  • Pay the IIBA® Geneva fee of CHF 35 per year (see terms of payment below)
  • Whatever your place of residence, you can choose to join our chapter 

Rate and payment of the anual fee  

  • The amount of the annual fee has been set to CHF 35
  • Payment can be made directly by credit card (through the PayPal service but without the obligation to have a PayPal account) or to our account CCP with the following coordinates:

IBAN: CH 63 0900 0000 1072 6015 7
IIBA Geneva Chapter
c/o Oliver Wagner
Talstrasse 11
8853 Altendorf

IIBA Geneva membership validity 

  • Your membership period is one year 
  • The expiry date is the same as the anniversary date of your IIBA® membership

I am already an IIBA® International member but not yet an IIBA® Geneva member. Can I become a member before renewing my anual membership? 

Yes of course, you can join us at any time, knowing that the IIBA® Geneva membership will have the same validity period as the IIBA® International membership.

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