IIBA Geneva member’s benefits

IIBA® Geneva member's benefits 

  • Join our local Business Analyst community 
  • Take advantage of preferential rates for all events organized by IIBA Geneva
  • Dedicated spaces on our website with access to past workshops presentations

Membership requirements: 

  • Being up-to-date with IIBA ® membeships 
    • 125 $ for the first year, 110 $ for the following years 
    • to become a member: link to IIBA 
  • Whatever your place of residence, you can choose to join our chapter 
  • Payment of the annual fee for the IIBA Geneva membership

Rate and payment of the anual fee  

  • The amount of the annual fee has been set to CHF 35
  • Payment can be made directly by credit card (through the PayPal service but without the obligation to have a PayPal account) or to our account CCP with the following coordinates:

IBAN: CH 63 0900 0000 1072 6015 7
IIBA Geneva Chapter
c/o Oliver Wagner
Talstrasse 11
8853 Altendorf

IIBA Geneva membership validity 

  • Your membership period is one year 
  • The expiry date is the same as the anniversary date of your IIBA® membership

I am already an IIBA® member but not yet an IIBA® Geneva member. Can I become a member before renewing my anual membership? 

YES of course, you can join us at any time, knowing that the IIBA Geneva membership will have the same validity period as the IIBA membership.

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