Our current bylaws date from 2009, the date of creation of the Association IIBA Geneva. 
Originally written in English, we decided to modify them with the following main changes: 

  • Written in French 
  • Aligned with Swiss law with respect to Articles 60 et seq. of the wiss Civil Code
  • Simplifying the statuses to make them more flexible
  • Introduction of the notion of active members
  • Retention of obligations from d'IIBA® 

Active members: Until now, any member of IIBA resident in the French- speaking region of Switzerland or neighboring France was de facto considered member of IIBA Geneva. Similarly, any member of IIBA who was not registered at the time of registration in that geographical area could not claim to join our local association.
According to the previous bylaws: IIBA Geneva selected its members.

According to new bylaws: the members choose to join the IIBA Geneva association. It is essential to us to orient these new bylaws in this direction.
To view the bylaws dating from 2009 and those adopted at the general meeting of April 28, 2016 click on the corresponding image: